Works in the Work

Seaport Memorial, Pen and Ink, on 100lbs Blick smooth Bristol paper

We took a ride into Tampa one day while visiting my son in Florida. I was excited that we would stop at the Blick Art Supply store there. I picked up a smooth Bristol pad, mechanical pencil, a few erasers, and some micron pens. That night, I started a pen and ink from the reference photos above. These photos were taken from the ferry boat that departs from the Tuckerton Sea Port in Tuckerton NJ. The subject is a memorial for the men and women who served with the US Coast Guard.

I started with a detailed drawing in pencil. Once I was satisfied with the drawing, I nervously began the inking process. First, I worked on the boat; that part was easy. Then I had to decide on some patterns to distinguish between the foliage along the tree line; this is where it gets tedious!
I am now inking the bulkhead. Soon I will have to work on the reflections in the water; I am not sure, yet, how I will handle this task. Come back soon to see my progress.